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-15% DISCOUNTon Tessitura Toscana Telerie




Hefel's duvets, a dream of softeness.

In the market since 1907, the Austrian company Hefel Textile GmbH, a strong family business, has been synonymous with quality and excellence for over a century: its fabrics and products for bedroom furnishing - including duvets, pillows, and sheets - are accurately refined finished and valuable. The padding used for blankets and quilts guarantees first-choice fibers and animal hair, resistant and durable over time, with anti-drip technology. Hefel states that bed linen production must always combine tradition with innovation; therefore, their products are washable even at high temperatures and have the Oeko-Tex certificate, which not only ensures the production's high standards but also encourages and sustains the awareness of buying an environmentally friendly product (a core business value). Hefel uses organic cotton for over two-thirds of their duvets and offers a wide choice of pillows and mattress covers in natural fiber, such as bamboo and corn; the company is also an expert in processing pure cashmere. Moreover, to ensure absolute comfort according to different needs, Hefel also produces orthopedic pillows suitable for those suffering from cervical and other problems, such as those in the lumbar area and tissues that ensure good perspiration during rest, eliminating the risk of excessive sweating. If you are looking for a high-quality bed kit made with pure and comfortable materials, such as the special BodyFit seam, Hefel is the right company to turn to.