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Soff Art

Soff Art, hypoallergenic pillows for a comfortable rest

The Italian company Soff Art has been operating since 1970 in Umbria, always standing out for the quality of pillows and mattresses manufactured by its factory.
The use of the best raw materials and careful processing characterize the philosophy of Soff Art, a symbol of the value of Made in Italy in the textile production of articles for well-being and rest.
On LisolaStore, you can find Soff Art premium pillows: completely hypoallergenic, they provide optimal support of the cervical tract and a unique softness at the same time, as in the case of the Viscospring Zefiro model lined in knitted jersey or the Iris Morpheus Spring pillow, with individually pocketed springs and lined in cotton twill.
With 2000 ventilation holes, the pillows of the company Soff Art allow optimal perspiration, reducing humidity build-up, avoiding excessive night sweating, and creating the ideal microclimate to rest in comfort.
You will wake up feeling no more pain and cervical spine stiffness. Soff Art: Try to believe.