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LAST DAYS of Winter Sales up to 70% off




Duvet 100% Artic Goose Down - Lapponia

Size Chart

Even when buying a bathrobe it is important to choose the right size, whether it is fitted-cut or loose, to make sure that even after a rejuvenating shower you can relax in a warm, soft embrace. Finding the right size is simple: first you need to take your body measurements, starting with height and continuing with chest, bust, waist and finally shoulder width. Jot down the measurements you took, compare them with those in our chart, and choose the size that comes closest.








52 cm

64 cm

122 cm

122 cm


54 cm

66 cm

124 cm

124 cm


57 cm

66 cm

130 cm

131 cm


60 cm

68 cm

138 cm

132 cm

Measures Bathrobe

Lapponia is the Down Duvet 2023 Limited Edition by Daunex. Made with Arctic Down padding, it has a filling power of 800, which means its efficient thermoregulation goes hand in hand with a light product that does not oppress during sleep. The product arrives in the brand's special cotton bag.

Made with Batista Soft fabric, 100% cotton, it has a delicate and breathable touch. The packaging made with fixed closed square quilting allows each square to be perfectly isolated, avoiding the annoying leakage of the feathers.



Variant Name
Heat Points Room Temperature Weight
Warm 4/5 < 18°C 0,620 -  1,100 kg
Extra Warm 5/5 < 15°C 0,840 -  1,490 kg

4 Season

(Light + Medium)

2/5+3/5 < 15°C

0,250 + 0,370 kg

0,440 + 0,660 kg


Filling power: 800
Padding: 100% Siberian white virgin goose down
Lining: 100% cotton, with Oeko-Tex Standard guarantee
Covering: in fixed closed boxes
Washing: For machine washing we recommend a delicate programme (synthetic fibres or cotton) at max. 30° - 40° C. Do not bleach the product: the down would be irreparably damaged. For hand washing, lukewarm water and mild soap are recommended, with abundant rinsing until the water is clear. For drying, place the product in a warm, dry place, beating each square of the duvet. Never expose it to direct heat sources such as the sun, radiator etc.
Made in Italy