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Daunex Siberian 100% Down Duvet - Luxury

The Siberian Luxury Down Duvet, made exclusively by Daunex for Lisola, arrives at your home with new and original packaging. The beautiful fabric bag, also an exclusive product under the Lisola brand, tells of the collaboration between the two brands based on the common love for the quality of materials, craftsmanship and Made in Italy.

Soft and enveloping, it guarantees a very pleasant cloud effect thanks to the padding in 100% Virgin White Siberian Goose Down and the incredible softness of the external cover in 100% Battista Super Fine Anti-feather Cotton. The lightness then joins the heating power of its heat points and a Filling Power of 800. Elegantly finished with a silver cord to give style and elegance.


Variant Name
Heat Points
Room Temperature Weight
2/5 > 21° / 20°C 0,250 - 0,440
3/5  18°  / 20° C 0,370 - 0,660
4/5 < 18° C 0,620 - 1,100
4 season
(Light + Warm)



<18° C

Light > 21°C

Medium  18°  / 20° C

0,250 + 0,370 

0,440 + 0,660



Filling power: 800
Filling: 100% Siberian white virgin goose down
Covering: 100% cotton, with Oeko-Tex Standard guarantee
Packaging: in fixed closed boxes
Washing: by hand and in the washing machine at 30°/40°