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Pillow in Hypoallergenic Dacron® - Dacron 95°

The Dacron Hypoallergenic Pillow 95° is the best solution to allow perfect hygiene without chemical additives thanks to the possibility of being washed in the washing machine up to 95°. The special structure of the fiber of this product guarantees an excellent rest and the right support in all positions thanks to its innate ability to keep the initial volume unchanged, always returning to its original shape. The pillow is 15cm high.

The pillow is made up of a special padding in Dacron® Fiber and an external covering in INLETT Pure Cotton Fabric. Dracon® Fiber is a hypoallergenic fiber with excellent resistance to washing at high temperatures, it can be washed at 95° for effective sterilization against mites and bacteria. Such a high washing temperature would destroy any other product, while the pillow resists quietly with the advantage of being able to disinfect without using chemicals. Furthermore, Dacron® fiber is:
- Supported because it is made with thousands of hypoallergenic microspheres that mold perfectly to the neck and head, changing with every nocturnal movement, guaranteeing the right support until morning.
- Squeezable because it can be shaken regularly, improving its shape and volume.
- Resistant because it is built to resist repeated crushing.
- Certified because each cushion bears a numbered label which certifies that it has passed rigorous quality tests and identifies its traceability.


Padding: Dracon® Fiber
Lining: INLETT Pure Cotton Fabric
Washing: easily machine washable up to 95°
Made in Italy

Sizes: 50x80 cm and 15 cm high