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-15% DISCOUNTon Tessitura Toscana Telerie




Hypoallergenic Pillow in Memory Foam and Springs - Viscospring Zefiro

The Viscospring Zefiro pillow stands out thanks to its heart with individually pocketed springs and its special padding in Memory foam with 2000 ventilation holes, which allows perfect alignment of the head with the cervical spine in any sleeping position and ensures constant blood circulation. thus creating a perfect microclimate for rest.

The characteristics of memory foam lead this material to react not only to the weight of the body, but also to heat, deforming itself to adapt perfectly to the movements made during sleep.

The springs guarantee continuous air circulation, limiting the sensation of excessive heat and the accumulation of body humidity, to guarantee a perfect microclimate in every season.


Weight: 1,450kg
Covering: cotton Jersey
Packaging: travel bag with zip.
Particularly suitable for any position.
Made in Italy

Size: 41x70x12cm

The pillow is shipped vacuum packed.