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-15% DISCOUNTon Tessitura Toscana Telerie




Duvet 100% Pomeranian Virgin Goose Duvet - Princess

The Princess Duvet is the NON PLUS ULTRA of the duvets available. In fact, this type of duvet allows you to combine maximum lightness with heat, thus allowing an incredible feeling of relaxation and comfort and giving you a wonderful rest.

The Princess Duvet is 100% Pomeranian Goose Down, the best possible rare and sought-after quality, and the most valuable part of the goose not to be confused with the feather which is of a much less noble quality.



Variant Name  Heat Points  Room Temperature  Weight
 Light  2/5  > 21°C  0,190 - 0,330
 Medium  3/5  18°/20° C  0,280 - 0,510
Warm 4/5 < 18° C 0,440 - 0,770
4 season
(Light + Medium)



< 18° C

0,190 + 0,280 

0,330 + 0,510


Filling power: 800
Filling: 100% Pomeranian virgin goose down (Poland) color white
Covering: 100% Cotton Batiste
Lining: fixed frames. Each squares is individually quilted to ensure optimal feather distribution.
Washing: by hand or in the washing machine at 60° on a delicate program