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Pillow in Memory - No Stress

The No Stress Pillow is made with special braids of Memory Viscoelastic and covered with a soft cover in embossed knit fabric.

Soft as a feather yet with an extraordinary ability to adapt to the head and neck, returning to its natural shape, it ensures optimal rest.

The fine microcapsules in memory create a micro-massaging effect that contributes to improving sleep quality and boosting the immune system, resulting from the overall relaxation that promotes well-being.

The height of 12cm is ideal for those suffering from gastroesophageal reflux, snoring, or those who sleep with a double pillow.


Padding: 100% memory viscoelastic
Lining: 100% polyester jacquard knit fabric. Please pay particular attention when opening the zipper to prevent any material leakage.
Weight: 1400gr
Washing: easily washable in the washing machine at 30
Dryer: no
Made in Italy

Size: 48x78cm