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Pillow in recycled fiber - Aerelle Blue

The Aerelle Blue pillow is characterized by a padding of soft flakes of recycled fiber that guarantees soft and comfortable support and is also a friend of the environment and the oceans! The special structure of the fiber of this product guarantees a restorative rest and perfect support in all positions thanks to its special ability to keep its original shape unchanged.

The pillow is made up of a Recycled Fiberpadding and a cover in INLETT Pure Cotton Fabric. The Recycled Fiber is presented by soft flakes made from plastic waste that is collected from the 5 most polluted rivers in the world which, after being processed, dissolved and spun, give life to the soft fiber that makes the Aerelle Blue pillow unmistakable. The INLETT Fabric is a Cotton which ensures that the warp and weft that make up the fabric are so tight as to not allow mites to nest inside the garment being precisely narrower than the size of these unwelcome guests that can cause nuisances of various kinds.

The Aerelle Blue fiber was born from the collaboration with Advansa and Plastic Bank, an organization that has been awarded several times for its commitment to eco-sustainability and green ... the latter's commitment is aimed at preventing plastic waste from invading our rivers and oceans due to the inadequacy of the recovery systems of those countries, often poor, which inevitably end up generating real islands of plastic that reach our seas through the rivers, creating at the same time new opportunities for those who live in situations of poverty. Plastic Bank encourages people living in the regions bordering the 5 most polluted rivers in the world to collaborate by collecting plastic waste to prevent it from flowing into the oceans ... the compensation to these people, often in need, is offered in cash or in blockchain with a guaranteed system that allows them to improve their quality of life by helping to keep the oceans clean; the collected plastic is then cleaned, washed and sterilised, recycled and spun prolonging the life cycle of the raw material which, instead of becoming a problem by becoming a waste to be disposed of, returns to being an asset, a raw material from which to obtain new fantastic quality products such as duvets and pillows.


Padding: Recycled Fiber
Lining: INLETT Pure Cotton Fabric.
Washing: easily washable at 30 without taking it off and putting it directly in the washing machine.
Made in Italy

Size: 50x80 cm